What Others Are Saying

"Ms. Bogdan-Martin . . . is a superb candidate and the right person for the job.  The United States is honored to nominate her, and we fully support her candidacy.  This election is a high priority for the United States, and we would appreciate the vote of all Member States in support of Ms. Bogdan-Martin." (See official letter of endorsement from Secretary of State Pompeo)
Michael R. Pompeo
U. S. Secretary of State
"Doreen Bogdan-Martin, a former NTIA employee, is the U.S. candidate for ITU Development Sector Director.  While at NTIA, Doreen championed the development of our pro-growth and pro-competition satellite policy.  If elected, she would be both the first American and the first woman on the ITU’s executive team.  Our Administration has put its full support behind Doreen, who is well versed in U.S. space policy objectives.  I hope all of you will support her nomination."
Wilbur L. Ross
U. S. Secretary of Commerce
"I am pleased to reiterate NTIA’s strong support for the candidacy of Doreen Bogdan-Martin as Director of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau. If elected, she would make an outstanding director of the D-sector, the part of the ITU that brings connectivity to parts of the world that have yet to realize the economic and societal benefits of Internet access that many of us take for granted. As a former NTIA official and veteran of the ITU’s processes, Doreen is an impressive candidate who will bring dynamic leadership to this important body."
David J. Redl
Department of Commerce Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information & NTIA Administrator
"Doreen Bogdan-Martin is a strategic leader known for her ability to build bridges around a common vision. With over 25 years of dedicated service to development in ICT, Doreen will undoubtedly bring new partners and technology insights to the work of the sector to accelerate progress on regional initiatives and capacity building. Doreen will be a driving force to ensure connectivity for all, which is essential for bridging the digital divide."
Ajit Pai
Federal Communications Commission Chairman
"We believe that Doreen Bogdan-Martin is uniquely qualified to lead the Development Bureau. She is able to transform ambitious visions into concrete actions and strategies to advance digital development for all. She is experienced, results oriented, innovative, and a consensus builder. She has an excellent track record working with all stakeholders and forging new partnerships. We are confident that her innovative thinking and expertise will advance the mission of the ITU-D."
Robert L. Strayer
Department of State Deputy Assistant Secretary for Cyber and International Communications & Information Policy
"I enthusiastically support Doreen for election this October to be the new Director of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau for several compelling reasons."
Ambassador Mickey Gardner
United States Telecommunications Training Institute (USTTI)
"Ms. Bogdan-Martin is a formidable professional, a tested leader of numerous telecommunication development initiatives, a wife and mother of four.  She is the most qualified candidate to govern, having demonstrated that leadership quality and dedication to development throughout her entire career. "
Janice Obuchowski
Former Department of Commerce Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information & NTIA Administrator